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From childhood, Sharone Stevenson has always had a passion for dance, music, color, fairies, angels, art, and creative writing. She was born in London, England and was professionally trained in classical ballet, art, drama, voice, and piano at the prestigious theatrical school - the Arts Educational School, in London, England. After becoming fully qualified by the Royal Academy of Dance, and the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, she immigrated along with her family, to the Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada, where she established her own ballet studios in both White Rock and Vancouver.

After many very successful years of teaching classical ballet and creative dance, her career came to a close. Sharone now being married, decided to expand her love of music and art. As a young girl she was fascinated by the visual beauty and sound of the harp, and as an adult, decided to follow her passion and began taking lessons.
In designing all her projects, Sharone uses her experience in computer graphic design, art, and creative writing, and writes her original inspired music into Sibelius, a notation program, and self-publishes. Composing has brought a new and intuitive side of her music personality into reality. Her inner desire to be original in all her creativity is apparent in her music and art. Currently her focus is on inner healing through her harp music, paintings and poems. Her first collection called "Healing Harmony - Essence of Joy" goes far beyond an individual healing, but a healing for the entire planet.
Now living in West Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada, where her studio overlooks the ocean, she is expanding from solo harp compositions to arranging her music for harp ensembles. At the recent request from International Harpist Miya Otake, an arrangement of 'Fairy Footprints' from Sharone's "Healing Harmony - Essence of Joy" album was recently premiered by the Award Winning "Westcoast Harp Ensemble" directed by Miya Otake.

"Harp music is not just sounds. It is so tender and exudes an inner beauty of joy, peace, love, and deep sensitivity, reaching to the very depths of the soul. As the harpist gently but firmly touches the strings, a contact between them and the harp begins a journey that carries the sounds of beauty and love to all who hear it, and continues out into the universe and on forever."

 Harp music teachers are embracing her original music as it is inspiring to play, and is always enjoyed by the audience. Her music compositions are perfect for concerts, senior's homes and various venues and draw the audience into their world of the imagination, through the innate beauty of the harp.
Sharone Stevenson

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