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About Author
From childhood, Sharone Stevenson has always had a passion for dance, music, fairies, angels, art, and creative writing. She was born in London, England and was professionally trained in classical ballet and piano. After immigrating to the Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada, she extended her artistic abilities and love for teaching to opening several classical ballet schools in the area.

She has also written, designed, and published several books; one of them being a children’s book series for 6 and up called “Fairy Blue Light – Use Your Imagination Books." Now with the advent of eBooks, her publications are available on Amazon Kindle for easy download and immediate enjoyment.

Her website is also an excellent resource to read about the series, plus other interesting items including Mrs. Pippin’s Kitchen, with healthy and nutritious recipes for the entire family. This wonderful series will capture the imaginations of both young and old.
A Magical Story to Touch Your Heart
Sharone with a friend looking at her Fairy Blue Light books.
Sharone has always had a great love for the pedal harp and is now playing and composing original harp music. Using her experience in computer graphic design and writing, she writes her own music into a notation programme and self-publishes it. All her music is available at Harp Column Music & Lyon and Healy Music Publications. Sharone's music can be heard on You Tube at

Sharone, along with her husband, now reside in the beautiful community of West Sechelt, BC. They left the Lower Mainland in search of mountains, ocean and a quieter lifestyle in order to keep writing and creating music under her business name– Radiant Artistry.
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West Sechelt, British Columbia, Canada
Sharone with her Lyon and Healy 85 Concert Grand Harp.
Fairy Blue Light