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Fairyland Friends
This is my drawing of Fairyland, but it can be any way that you imagine it to be. This is where Fairy Blue Light spends a lot of her time with her friends. You can see them sitting by the rhubarb patch where 'something most unusual' was found by Mr. Pippin.

The old tree house is where Mr. and Mrs. Pippin live.The winding staircase goes up to Mrs. Pippin's Kitchen where she bakes her Apple Cinnamon Cookies and many other tasty healthy recipes.

In the distance you can see Mrs. Ladybird's Cottage where all the tiny Ladybird's live.

Up in the sky The Little White Cloud is very sad as he's afraid to float alone in the sky. Can you see the silver chord that attaches him to the Golden City?

The Golden City Behind the Sun is radiant. The Palace of Light has tall spires which are seen from Fairyland.

From one hill top to another, the rainbow arches high across the sky. The fairies travel up and down it in silver crystal carriages that move magically along, and take them wherever they want to go. Their fragile wings are far to delicate to fly a long way.