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CHAPTER: Fairy Blue Light Tries to Tell her story the Second book
Then Mr. Mushroom cleared his throat and said, "I've been thinking what you said about going to the Golden City Behind the Sun, and I really do believe you. We all need something to dream about. If my roots weren't fastened to the earth, I would go there with you."
CHAPTER: The Little White Cloud Refuses to Help - the Fourth book
The Little White Cloud slipped silently away into the clear blue sky. His smile was so bright it lit up Fairyland. As he glided farther and farther away, they saw him change from a soft white to a deep rose pink with silver streaks. Up in the Golden City Behind the Sun, the Great Being of Light saw the pink rays reflecting on his city. He knew that another of his children had found the meaning of love. He wondered who would be next. Can you guess who it might be?
CHAPTER: Inside the Hall of Silver Threads - the Fourth book
As soon as he'd left her, a group of elves gathered around her and stared rather rudely. "She's no fairy! said one of the elves. "She has no wings." Fairy Blue Light looked at all the strange little faces staring at her, and felt very awkward. She stood up and said angrily, "Yes, I am a fairy, but right now I don't have any wings, and . . . ." But, as she tried to explain, they all laughed and ran away.

CHAPTER: Helf the Broken Heart Elf - the Fifth book
"Good anger is when you're tired of feeling sorry for yourself, and you want to start making some good changes. Bad anger is when you lose your temper and act like a whirlwind with red hot coals in the centre. You, and everyone around you, gets hurt. This is very difficult to repair. But with good anger, anything can be healed.
CHAPTER: Inside the Palace of Light - the Fifth Book
"The time has come for you to whisper into the hearts of humans, a simple and yet most powerful truth. A truth that has been forgotten the true meaning of the power of caring love."