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About the Stories
The Stories
When a beautiful rainbow arches high across the sky, everyone in Fairyland knows that something exciting is about to happen. But, Fairy Blue Light doesn't think so, and huddles up against a wide blade of grass.

But, before we meet Fairy Blue Light, we must hurry over to Mr. Pippin's garden where her magical adventure begins. Are you coming with me? If so, close your eyes and say the magical words, and we're on our way.
Secret Magical Words
"I believe in fairies."
"I believe in fairies."
"I believe in fairies."
Words are pictures in the mind
The power of the imagination is to the mind, what the breath is to the body. It is one of our most valuable gifts. As parents nurture and enrich this natural gift in their children, it will grow and become one of their most powerful allies and resources. The colorful and rhythmical language is the catalyst for the imagination to jump into action.
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