TV Talent Show
My composition "Open Your Wings and Fly" is a perfect piece of music for two talented young ladies, one who is a harpist, and the other a trained singer and classical dancer. The idea is unique, and is perfect for a performance, whether it is for a concert, seniors' home, or for a TV Talent Show, or anywhere you decide to perform.

When the song first came into my mind and the whole picture began to take place, I was very excited. Immediately I rushed to get out my manuscript paper and started writing the melody down. But, let me tell you about what I saw.

"I imagined that I was sitting in the audience of a TV Talent Show, and on the stage was a beautiful golden harp waiting to be played. From the wings came a young lady dressed in a simple ballerina length dress, and with her was another young lady dressed in a shorter flowing dress. Her hair fell loosely down her back between two small gossamer wings. A fairy.

They were introduced to the audience, and then one walked to the harp, and the other young lady stood by the harp. The audience was so quiet, not quite knowing what was about to happen, but in awe of what they saw.

The harpist placed her hands gracefully on the strings and played the introduction, and the 'fairy' began to sing. The combination of the two together was beautiful. Between them they emanated the meaning of the song, of which everyone in the audience felt spoke directly to them.

The first words are: "Who am I?" "Where am I going?" That is something we all wonder about, and to which there is no direct answer. But, as the song continues, it shows that you can find an inner peace, and eventually it inspires you to 'Open Your Wings and Fly.' The audience watches the singer move away from the harp as she begins to dance. First she moves slowly, and then gradually dances with a sense of freedom as her imagination takes her along with the meaning of the song. Suddenly she stops close by the harp, and sings the words: "I know I will find out who I am," which shows her strength and determination to succeed in her search. The song continues to the end with this same joy and strength. That is how this piece of music came into my mind for you to enjoy."
In the music book there are other variations. If a harpist wants to be the singer as well as the harpist, there is no dance part needed. The book tells you how to play for this variation. Also, anyone can play only the music if that is what they prefer.

The music is also written for a harpist who is playing more simple music and another version for the more advanced harpist. There is also an article: "The Magic of Music," and the power of your imagination, which you will enjoy reading. Of course, one of Sharone's paintings is on the front cover for you to enjoy also.

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